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Children could be suffering from anxiety for a variety of reasons. Could be a neurological condition such as ASD or to environmental factors (DV, bereavement). While it is very important to teach children coping strategies, it is essential to find out the causes and maybe seek specialist advice from CAMHS.

Anxiety can cause physical symptoms like stomach upset and temperature. Some children with severe anxiety feel physical pain such as severe headaches.



  • FRIENDS for Life - Evidence-based anxiety intervention
  • - movement and mindfulness
  • Headspace app (free 10-day trial)
  • Master your monsters - Anxiety booklet (£3)
  • - online activities for children with anxiety
  • Mindfulness workbook (£2)
  • Teach children to recongnise their emotions and be able to articulate what they worry about.
  • Providing a safe, quiet place with a trusted adult will let children know that they are helped through moments of great anxiety
  • Counselling
  • Calming boxes
  • Play or art therapy
  • Sensory activities (e.g. sensory circuits)
  • Yoga and breathing exercises

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