Improving Reading Comprehension

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  • Bridging the gap between the straightforward retrieval of facts and the skills of inference and evaluation
  • The National Reading Panel report (2000) highlights seven strategies that are effective in improving reading comprehension
    • Comprehension monitoring (using self-monitoring) techniques to assess understanding of text)
    • Co-operative learning (working with peers in small groups to support one another’s understanding and strategy use)
    • Graphic and semantic organisers (using diagrams to organise ideas, develop understanding and support memory for text)
    • Story structure
    • Questions answering
    • Question generation
    • Summarisation
  • The report suggests that multiple strategy teaching, which brings together a combination of the above strategies, is most effective. The following website gives details of a project that used reciprocal teaching to adopt some of the above strategies in helping to improve reading comprehension

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