Increasing Written output

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Some learners can struggle to produce extended responses, for a variety of reasons.


  • Voice activated software – will need training to individual voice and be used in a quiet place.
  • Begin with mind-map to generate ideas. Helper draws primary branches to indicate number of sections (paragraphs) required.
  • Pupil dictates initial thoughts to scribe, then edits and writes up.
  • Timer on desk. Mini targets to achieve in set times.
  • Post-it notes for quick idea collection. Put in order after collecting randomly, then write best version.
  • Provide scaffolds / writing frames to initiate structure.
  • Put bullet points or numbers in margin to indicate to pupil number of sentences expected.
  • TA or teacher writes key words at top of page, to trigger responses.
  • TA or teacher writes questions on post-its, as prompts for pupil to answer in book:
    • Simple ones such as ‘why?’ or ‘what happened next?’
    • More challenging ones such as ‘what evidence do you have for that point?’
  • TA or teacher uses sticky arrows to locate area of answers in textbook, to speed up responses.