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Inspector questions for meeting with SENCO

  1. What progress do SEN learners make compared to non-SEN? What is being done to close the gap?
  2. What percentage of SEN students are making expected progress?
  3. What interventions are put into place? How do these feed into lessons to transferring the learnt skills? What's the impact?
  4. How are SEND learners identified?
  5. How are TAs are deployed?
  6. How do reviews take place with parents and students?
  7. Examination of paperwork (e.g. for reviews). How are review meetings run?
  8. Frequency of TA observations. Done by SLT / SENCO? How is impact evaluated?
  9. Discussion about SEND budget.
  10. Observation of EHCP students in lessons; to what extent are they meeting their targets?

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