Slow Processing

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Students will have trouble keeping up with their peers in lessons. May also struggle to participate in discussions. Can have difficulty staying focussed.

In the classroom

  1. Check from time to time that the student understands the lesson.
  2. Use a signal to re-engage the student if s/he is losing focus.
  3. Encourage participation by giving extra time to respond in group discussions.
  4. Encourage the student to email questions if they struggle to form or ask them within the lesson.
  5. Simplify written directions and speak slowly when giving instructions.
  6. Consider providing copies of slides or notes for those who can't keep up with note-taking.
  7. Break down large written tasks like essays into smaller sub-tasks with additional deadlines.
  8. Show students examples of what a finished task looks like before the work is started.
  9. Provide a checklist of how work will be marked prior to the commencement of assignments.
  10. Consider options other than written reports as a means of demonstrating the student's understanding.

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