Visual Stress

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Visual Stress / Meares-Irlen Syndrome / Scotopic sensitivity

Strain working under bright lighting  Difficulty finding comfortable lighting  Poor concentration Lack of attention, skips words or lines, slow or hesitant reading, loses place easily  Strain working at a computer  Glare from bright objects  Eye strain  Headaches from: - reading, computers, lighting, TV, supermarkets Images on the page cannot be seen clearly as the brain is unable to interpret properly the pattern of words on a page as the eyes scan across the page.

In the Classroom

By using the correct coloured overlays, it is possible to alter the contrast between the words and the page. In lessons, students should be provided with either the correct coloured paper (ask in reprographics when requesting photocopying) or will have overlays. The student may also have prescription glasses manufactured with the appropriately coloured tint removing the need for overlays to be used. Visual Stress is a very similar condition and those who suffer experience many of the same difficulties as those with a formal diagnosis of Irlen Syndrome.

Reasonable adjustments made in class are applicable to both conditions.

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